About us

A creative communications agency powered predominantly by working class people, delivering impactful work that resonates with the UK's largest yet often overlooked demographic.

our duAl ambition is to

become the go-to creative comms agency for brands and organisations that care about connecting to working class people.
to increase representation of working class people in comms, making the industry more reflective of society.

Why we need Work & Class

Inside a busy barbershop, a barber attentively cuts the hair of a customer, who's looking towards the camera with a calm expression. The shop is bustling with activity, and reflections in the mirrors show multiple patrons.
Smash the class ceiling
While around half of the UK public consider themselves to be working class, only 16% of people in creative careers and 22% of people in marketing identify this way. This lack of representation leads to campaigns frequently ignoring or misrepresenting working class audiences.

At Work & Class, our team backgrounds combined with our community insight model gives us an unparalleled edge in understanding and engaging with these audiences, in a way that is authentic, sensitive and never ever patronising.

The problem in numbers:

  • The number of PR practitioners who attended fee paying schools is three times that of the national average – 21% vs 7%.
  • 41% of PRs have parents with university degrees whereas only 21% received income support or free school meals during their time at school.
  • There is an 18.2% socio-economic pay gap in the marketing industry.
  • 44% of people say they want to see greater socio-economic inclusion in campaigns.
  • 41% of people from ‘lower’ social grades think media representations of people like them are "stereotyped" and "caricatured" by brands.
A person in a chef's apron stands confidently in a clean, well-organized kitchen, with a clock on the wall indicating it's just past noon, shelves lined with condiment bottles, and stacks of clean dishes awaiting use.
Are you listening?

How we define Working Class

A woman, wearing a comfortable robe and holding a broom, stands smiling on a residential porch. The black and white image captures a relaxed, homey vibe, with a neatly maintained entrance and a welcoming mat.
Working Class and Proud

Working class is generally defined by factors including having limited access to wealth, your parent’s education and employment (or lack of), and few connections to people with influence and power. It is that and so much more.

Being working class isn’t something we grow out of, even if we succeed in a ‘professional’ career or our financial standing significantly changes. The experience of growing up working class means being part of a cultural fabric that feeds our values, opinions, attitudes, tastes and behaviours. It determines what opportunities we can access, which environments we feel comfortable in, and those that can feel alienating. We can’t just shake this off any more than we can shake off gender identity, race, disability or sexuality.

And why would we even want to when there’s so much richness in working class culture?

At Work & Class, we are proud to have such strong working class roots, we want to celebrate the diverse and vibrant communities we come from, and show brands just what our experience and culture can offer.