Work & Class
A tender moment captured in warm colors shows a couple embracing in a fairground parking lot, their kiss obscured by their close stance, with amusement rides in the soft-focus background suggesting a festive atmosphere.
A person draped in a British flag looks through binoculars, the scene suggesting attendance at a public event, with trees in bloom indicating springtime.
A person with a dark beard and a blue turban stands outdoors, looking upwards with a gentle expression against a backdrop of a blue sky with clouds and a building in the distance.
A confident man holding a basketball stands on a colorful urban court with a basketball hoop behind him. The golden hour sunlight bathes the scene in a warm glow, highlighting his contemplative expression.
A joyful black and white image of a young girl laughing heartily, with her hair wildly tousled by the wind. She's leaning against a wall near the beach, with the shoreline visible in the blurred background.
Photo of a young woman in the mountains
A young woman with glasses and shoulder tattoos stands in front of a complex apartment building, her arms crossed, and an introspective gaze, conveying an urban and edgy atmosphere.
Photo of an old man playing guitar on the street
Who we are

A creative communications agency for working class people.

A monochrome image of a young woman in urban sportswear with tattoos on her arms, standing against a concrete railing with a high-rise building looming in the background.
We are the agency for brands and organisations that care about connecting to working class people.

Around 50% of the UK population is working class, yet only 16% of people in creative careers identify this way. This creates a disconnect between what brands put out into the world and the audiences they want to engage.

At Work & Class we are powered by creative communications specialists from the very communities we reach. We exist to bridge the gap between brands and often-neglected working class audiences, leading to more authentic and impactful work for our clients.

Our campaigns amplify underrepresented voices and celebrate the rich tapestry of working class culture.

Working Class and Proud